4 Things Job Seekers Are Looking for In A New Job In 2021

Mariana Toledo
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COVID-19 put companies and employers in the hot seat. It was hard deciding what was the best resolve for their employees and what they could offer them during these hard times. Because of this shift, job seekers are now looking for four specific things when applying to jobs.

1. Money, money, money

In a recent survey from Nexxt, it was shown that salary was the number one concern amongst job seekers. Just in 2020, 1 in 3 workers experienced a pay cut during the pandemic. Now that COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out and social distancing is easing up, employers should guarantee a consistent and reasonable salary for their employees. More recently, fast food restaurant workers have been asking for higher pay after receiving a larger pay during the pandemic. Employers should match or exceed this expectation to meet their candidates’ needs.

2. Job Security

This is a very scary thing for current job seekers. They might’ve just lost their previous job and are looking for one that can promise job security. Due to COVID-19, 20.6 million workers lost their jobs with only 18 million being promised their jobs post pandemic. While we know it’s unrealistic to be able to guarantee employees will have job security, being transparent with employees about how the company is doing, will in turn leave employees feeling valued.

3. Benefits

This is an obvious one! People in general are looking for good health and dental care post pandemic. Sick leave, paid time off, and health insurance are crucial for job seekers. Employers should ensure that these benefits are provided to all of their employees to ensure employee retention and job satisfaction. Similar to what the government did with stimulus checks, companies should keep their word when promising employees that they’ll receive a bonus during the year. These are the types of benefits job seekers want to see within job postings.

4. Flexibility

As we've experienced first hand, peoples’ lives can be completely derailed at a moment’s notice. For this reason, people desire flexibility in their future jobs, especially as it pertains to their work hours. Work-from-home jobs have made flexibility a more central part of many office occupations, with both remote work as well as opportunities for flex-hours becoming more common. Employers should further facilitate this trend in flexibility and ensure that this is a priority in their workplace.

These accommodations are vital in the workforce and companies should take these requests seriously. Keep these four things in mind to form a harmonious relationship between employees and employers.


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