4 Ways to Determine If A Candidate Will Be the Right Fit

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How do you know when you’ve really found the most ideal candidate for your position? You could ask the universe for a sign, but nobody ever really knows for sure. Luckily, there are some clear indicators of the perfect hire that go beyond just whether or not the candidate has the necessary requirements for the job. Here are four ways to determine if a candidate is the right fit for the job.

Cultural fit vs. diversity: The balance

Most articles will suggest to maintain cultural fit when hiring someone. Many employers place a great deal of importance on cultural fit, as they want to maintain a working environment where everyone “fits in” and plays by the rules of the company culture. However, the term “culture” can very often change meaning, and can become a means to a more exclusive environment consisting of a less diverse workforce. Diversity plays a huge role in a company’s success for many reasons, including more creativity, inclusion regardless of background, and intellectually diverse teams. However, cultural fit does still need to be considered to a fair degree as well, so finding a candidate that will add diversity to your workforce but who will also participate in the Halloween costume contest is a clear potential choice.

Potential for future management

When you’re looking over a candidate’s resume, look for signs of potential leadership. Any experience in project management or signs of personal initiative are clear indicators of someone prone to growth. If you’re stuck between hiring two people with differing experience levels, always consider who will add the most value to your company in the long run.

Are they a master or a student?

Is the candidate a master of the industry, or a student? In other words, do they know all of the top players, your top competitors, the projected value of the industry, the latest trends, and the significance of the roles of other employees in your company? Or, does their knowledge only reach as far as the walls of their own cubicle? A candidate may be experienced in their specific role, and would probably get their work done correctly and in a timely manner, but not understanding the big picture of the industry or the long-term goals of the company makes it harder for the employee to go the extra mile. An employee with a vast knowledge of every external force at play has much higher potential to exceed the roles of the position.

Do they love the Industry?

Ask the candidate why they want the job. If you get the impression that you’ll be a stepping stone or just a source of income, then it’s clear that the candidate doesn’t have a passion for the industry. An employee who is passionate about their industry is more likely to take pride in their work, as well as stay committed to the type of work they’re doing. Someone who isn’t passionate about the industry may still be looking for the correct fit, and will potentially leave the position sooner than later. You should also ask the candidate where they see themselves in 5 years, to which they would ideally convey hopes of climbing the ladder in your industry.


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