4 Ways to Hire More Creative Employees

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Most people tend to associate creativity with art. But being creative is not exclusive to artistic people. Creativity is a mindset that requires the ability to think critically and generate original ideas. Dictionary.com defines creativity as: “The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.” Fostering creativity in the workplace is essential to problem solving in business. Creative employees possess the ability to find innovative solutions that could positively impact the company.

Why are creative employees important in the workplace?

Creative people thrive in jobs that give them space to exercise creative freedom. Creative employees tend to be more innovative, collaborative, and engaged. By having more creative employees in the workplace, employers will benefit because workers tend to be more productive when their work gives them a creative edge. In addition to increased productivity, creativity also reduces stress. According to the American Psychological Association, having an input and being heard in the workplace is empowering to employees and it positively impacts their wellness. 

4 Ways to Hire More Creative Employees:

1. Connect with Job Seekers through Networking Sites: Professional networking sites serves as the mediator between job seekers and employers. These sites are designed for its users to highlight themselves and their career by generating a personalized URL that links to their professional portfolio on the site. Members can use the platform to share more than just their work experience and qualifying skills. The platform is a space where creative people can showcase their ideas, work samples, and creative projects when they create a profile to attract employers and brands. When looking for creative employees, explore the candidate's professional profiles on networking sites and show interest in their ideas. By connecting with both active and passive job seekers on networking sites, employers and recruiters will have the opportunity to experience an inside look into the creative mindset of potential employees and invite them to join their company directly via messaging tools.

2. Participate in Career Fairs on College Campuses: The rising generation of workers are some of the most creative people in the world. As technology advances and our world changes, college students bring a fresh palette of creativity to the workplace that has yet to be seen. When hiring, be open to interviewing upcoming and recent graduates. By only pursuing experienced candidates you could be limiting the possibilities that your employees bring. Career fairs are a great way to introduce your industry to the upcoming workforce. Career fairs also pose an opportunity for recruiters and employers to learn what creative people are looking for in a job.

3. Design Internship Programs: In addition to participating in career fairs, internship programs are a great way to secure creative talent even if they have little to no experience. Internships that are designed for recent graduates and career changers will foster creativity in the rising workforce. The best internships are those that allow interns to share their ideas and be a part of the conversation in the workplace. Further, internship programs also give employers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the strengths and weaknesses of the interns and gauge the areas where they’ll thrive the most when employed. Internships also give companies the opportunity to prepare training initiatives and strategies that will most benefit their employees.

4. Incentivize Job Postings by Allowing Candidates to Write Their Own Job Description: I know it sounds completely unconventional and risky. However, by allowing applicants to write and submit their own job descriptions, employers are able to strategically discover what creative employees are looking for in their next job. This is also a very unique interview question that can be used to assess a candidate’s ability to create their own ideas. This incentive will attract the most creative job seekers to apply and allow them to present what value they will bring to the workplace.

Creative employees bring a unique approach to everyday work. Employees who are creative tend to be more collaborative and more engaged. Pursuing candidates who are creative could help employers develop innovative solutions and connect with their employees on a more authentic level. With these colorful minds on your team your business could be the most exciting and fulfilling place to work.


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