5 Things Your Boss Would Never Admit

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No matter what your relationship with your boss is, there are certain truths that they just aren't going to tell you. In fact, some of the truths are things that could get them into legal trouble, but they are still true in many cases. If you've ever wondered what they aren't saying, take a look at this list.

5 Things Your Boss Would Never Admit:


  1. She reads your emails and you IMs - Software that monitors and reads employee computer use is big business. Most of the time, the boss isn't actually reading each and every email, however the software will flag messages and keywords. In fact, the market for email monitoring software has grown more than 25% each year since 2008.
  2. You're too old for the job - Age discrimination is illegal, but it's still alive and well in this country. There have been many cases where people, (typically women) have been turned down for a job because they were over 50. It's not fair, and it is illegal. Still, about 25% of employers surveyed in 2006 said that they would be reluctant to hire an older worker. The Labor Department found that out of laid off workers, 55 and over, it took an average of 35 weeks for someone over 55 to find a job, as compared to 30 weeks for 25-54 year olds.
  3. They know when you aren't really sick - If you aren't sick, you're boss probably knows it. They also know when you're slacking off, looking for another job, sneaking out in the middle of your shift or padding your expense report. A growing number of companies have begun hiring private investigators to track employees who call in sick too often or with a suspicious illness. 
  4. I'm your best friend - Being friends with the boss can get you some really nice perks, but it can also make your co-workers dislike you. However, having a good relationship with your boss means that they will be more likely to offer career advice, introduce you to the "right" people and help further your career. Still, you can never let yourself forget that this person has the power to fire you. To prevent hurt feelings and career suicide, be friendly with your boss, but don't cross the line toward a true friend relationship. No matter how much you get along with your boss, there is a good chance that anything you tell them can and will be used against you.
  5. I'm your worst enemy - Liking your boss has its perks, but being disliked by your boss is really tough. Not only can it ruin your career, but workplace bullying by bosses has been receiving a lot of media attention lately. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, bosses are considered the bully 73% of the time. Over half of the people who have reported incidents of bullying have suffered stress-related health problems and they were 60% more likely to have a heart attack.

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  • Charlene L
    Charlene L
    Its all true
  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for the comment. You're right, a bullying boss probably hates their job more than you. If you aren't misusing your sick time, I don't think that the boss can always tell if you aren't sick, but we've all worked in offices where you know that someone isn't really sick. Also, people post stuff on Facebook that shows what they're really up to.
  • Weneeke H
    Weneeke H
    Why would your boss know that you aren't really sick? This gets on my nerves. Everytime somebody is sick doesn't mean they have to go to the doctor. That's way too personal. And a bullying boss. They probably hate their job more than you do.
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