6 Tips to Impress Candidates During the Job Interview

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As a hiring manager when interviewing a candidate for a position at your company, it’s important to remember that they are not the only ones who need to make a good impression. As a prospective employee, applicants are looking to work for a company they like, and their impression usually starts with the face-to-face interview.


One of the top 6 reasons candidates turn down jobs is because there was something they didn’t like about the hiring process. So, you want to make every aspect of the process smooth, especially the interview.


Here are six simple ways to impress your candidates.


1. Be Prepared.

It should go without saying that you should be prepared for the interview. If you’re a hiring manager who doesn’t always conduct interviews, get ready with questions, anything you want to say about the company, review their resume for talking points and don’t schedule any meetings or other obligations right before the interview. You should be on time, ready with copies of the applicant’s resume or other important paperwork.


2. Pick a Comfortable Spot for the Interview.

Whether it’s an aesthetically pleasing conference room or a casual sit down in your office, the interview location should be nice looking and comfortable for both you and the candidate. You shouldn’t pick a spot where there is a lot of distractions from people or noises.


3. Ask Questions That Matter.

When a candidate sits down to an interview where they are asked the same basic questions that are asked in every interview, it’s hard to feel like they are being tested or valued as a potential employee. Ask questions that are specific to their resume and give scenarios about the job where they can really refer back to their previous experiences. Basic questions about how well the interviewee can follow directions doesn’t make the candidate believe they are there for their skills, but rather as a candidate for a filler position.


4. Talk About Why You Like Working There.

Applicants want to know that they will be working a great company, so it’s important to mention everything you like about working there. This not only includes talking about benefits, but also professional development opportunities, wellness benefit, flexibility, and the overall corporate culture.


5. Give a Tour.

Once the interview is over, offer to give the applicant a tour of the workspace. Take them around to show them the area where they would be working if they were offered and accepted the job and maybe even introduce them to a few of the current employees. It gives the candidate a sense of the culture and allows them to decide whether or not they could see themselves working there.


6. Follow Up.

As you should expect a thank you email from the candidate, you should also thank the applicant for coming in as a response to their initial thank you. You might not have any information to share at this point on the status of the job, however a simple confirmation that you received their note shows that you’re taking the time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge the time they took out of theirs to come in for the interview.


The main goal of any interview is to allow time for you and the candidate to learn more–at the end of the interview you should have a better feel for what kind of person and worker they are, and they want to learn more about the company and who they will be working for, if offered the job.


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