A People-Centered Approach to Hiring Will Result in Better and Faster Hiring

Brittney Jackson
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The art of hiring has been evolving for decades and it’s important to continue to improve upon your hiring practices often, in order to attract the best job seekers. After analyzing today’s current trends in the job market, it’s apparent that job seekers value a people-centered approach to hiring. This shift in career attitude is in part due to more Millenials and Gen Z’s entering the workforce. Millennials and Gen Z value a workplace that emphasizes well-being, a healthy work-life balance, flexibility, meaningful work, diversity, and transparency. Naturally, these traits create a more humanized workplace where employees feel like they are making a difference and are appreciated by their employers.

Typically the first impression you give job seekers will come from your job description. Having a “people-based” job description will improve your hiring chances due to its emphasis on putting the needs and desires of employees first as opposed to the traditional job description that puts the interest of the company first. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise and forget about the needs of your company! It’s better to look at it as an equal exchange between employer and employees, it all just comes down to how you word your job descriptions. Employers want employees that satisfy the demands of the company while employees want work that benefits them in a way that sustains them mentally and physically. Fortunately, both of these things are achievable without loss on either side!

Qualities that job seekers use to identify if an employer has a people-centered approach in their workplace are an increase in income or benefits overtime, greater work-life balance/work flexibility, ability to work in areas that suit their strengths/skills, work stability and security, and being inclusive towards of all types of people. These people-centric characteristics have been shown to create a work environment where employees are engaged, have a lower rate of turnover, and are more productive. 

On top of having higher rates of productivity and lower rates of turnover, a “people-based” job description can also create a good reputation for your business among job seekers. A poll by Software Advice revealed that a good candidate experience resulted in a 60% chance of the applicant referring your business to others to apply. Applicants also had a 73% chance of applying for the position if their hiring experience was positive and found the benefits of the job appealing. 

All in all, having a people-centered approach to the hiring process seems like a win-win for both employers and employees! Creating a company image and work environment that centers itself around the well-being of its employees and clients alike will set you up for success in the long run.


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