Does Corporate Culture Outshine the Job Itself?

Julie Shenkman
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Corporate culture, isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the thing that’s actually retaining your employees. It’s true, a strong corporate culture is what makes employees happy to come to work. Yes, getting paid is great, but when you think about it, even if the job you’re offering is meh, if your corporate culture is fantastic that’s what’s keeping your employees coming back for more.

When considering a job, the vast majority of candidates will take into account the company’s values to see if they align with their own. It’s important to note that like any relationship, creating and maintaining corporate culture takes work, so know that you can’t just set it and forget it. Or you can’t create it and then pass the baton to someone who doesn’t value the same things and expect that things won’t change. One of the main reasons people stay in their jobs is because of company culture. So, if the culture changes, expect that your team may look for new opportunities.

Get Leadership Onboard
Senior leadership should be on board with the corporate culture of the organization and lead by example. Your employees will be more likely to participate and adopt values when they see the leadership team doing so too. Plus, it will also help with your referral program. No one is going to willingly recommend a terrible experience to a friend, but if your corporate culture makes working at your organization great, you can bet that the referrals will be rolling in. Notice that your referrals are down or folks are leaving? Take a close look at your corporate culture—what’s changed?   

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk
Most organizations are vocal about their core values—they’re on the website, the office walls, even social media pages. If a job seeker meets with you for an interview, they should already be exposed to your core values—if they did their research. But the reality is that you could be saying one thing, and your organization is doing something else completely. In today’s hyper-competitive market, follow those core values—that’s your culture! It’s what makes your company different and that’s what candidates are looking for and when you deliver on those expectations, you’ll see more loyal and productive employees. Their expectations will be set from the start—they know what they’re getting into.

Great Corporate Culture Delivers in So Many Ways
Corporate culture can’t be built overnight; it requires strong leadership and employee buy-in and it was tested in 2020 when so many workers were sent home to stay safe. How companies managed this time and how they valued employees, is a true example of their core values. The importance of culture can’t be touted enough. When a strong culture supports employees, they will rise to the occasion and operate at new levels. If you have a great corporate culture, you can expect your employees to continue to show up and deliver—even if the job is simply fine.


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