Evergreen Job Postings: How Do They Work?

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As an employer it is your job to ensure that your business is always properly staffed with the right amount of people at the required skill level to avoid overspending. Some companies, however, have a lot of turnover and will have to constantly hire for a specific position, or they have a job that requires a significant number of employees to keep up with the daily tasks. Employers will combat this constant need for hires with a job posting that is always active. This is called an evergreen job posting.

Why are they called evergreen job postings?


Much like the evergreen trees that remain green year-round, this type of position that’s listed as an evergreen job is always open—as for reasons mentioned above. Typically, a job posting like this would remain on your company career site indefinitely.

Does an evergreen position normally mean that it’s not a good job?


The reason for the job always being open can include a lot of different factors. High turnover is definitely a big one for places with for example a nursing staff. An evergreen position is a great way to find new talent that’s already on file in your talent database or talent community which speeds up the hiring process. If people are constantly funneling out, a steady stream of applications can keep them funneling in too.


Can staffing be improved with an evergreen job posting?


Definitely. Referencing back to the “steady stream of applications” above, if a job is always open, people who may be a valuable asset to your company will see it and you’ll get the chance to snatch them up before someone else does. Whereas if a job posting had been removed after finding one person who adequately fit the qualifications, that might mean missing out on a lot of good candidates submitting applications at a later date. Additionally, a recent survey of job seekers by Nexxt found that 3 out of 4 job seekers want to give companies their resume—even if they don’t have any job openings.


Can evergreen jobs save time and money?


It can have a great impact on the resources and time that it takes for onboarding and training when the hiring process doesn’t need to be jumpstarted. An evergreen job posting means you’re always ready to onboard new talent.


You should always look for new ways to create a talent pipeline to make the hiring process faster and more effective. Making a job ad an evergreen job posting can be as easy keeping the job posting live to changing the wording to always attract several candidates to inviting potential employees to join your talent community.


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