Four Questions to Ask in The Job Interview to Measure A Candidate's Passion

Danielle Beatty
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Yes! Some applicants try to fake it ‘til they make it, but ask these questions to find the truly impassioned candidates:

How would you solve a problem and why?

Is their solution standard or creative? Ask them why they chose to solve it that way. Pay attention to responses demonstrating forward thinking because those are your candidates eager to develop the business.

When have you been most satisfied working at Company X?

Do they express enthusiasm when talking about projects or examples from their last job? Did they develop specialized interests related to the field? Listen for specific professional achievements or instances of gratifications from their time at Company X.

How do you stay up to date in your field?

Listen for answers including off the clock professional development opportunities such as weekend conferences attended, books they’ve read, or evening classes taken related to the job. This shows their initiative to keep current in your industry.

How do you connect with people in your profession?

A person passionate about the job carries that desire into their everyday life. Look for people networking out of the office. These are your go-getters.

With these questions in hand, you are on your way to finding the real deal!


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