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The stereotype that millennial employees are entitled and lazy has unjustly impacted the workforce; in fact, these hardworking individuals are making changes that employers are now trying to embrace. The innovation stemming from this generation has prompted employers to ramp up their efforts and hiring practices to recruit and retain the best of the best.

Deemed the future of corporate America, millennial employees no longer work as interns or settle for entry-level positions. In fact, this generation has become selective when choosing companies to work for to ensure they have opportunities to make an impact on the job and in the community. Employers must scrutinize their hiring practices and their offerings to successfully give millennial employees what they seek.

It's Not Just About the Money

Workers born between 1980 and 1995 look for more than money during the job search. Instead, they investigate the missions and goals of prospective employers to determine whether their personal and professional goals are in line with what the companies value. Take a look at your business's brand, and think about how it appears to a millennial candidate. Forward-thinking companies are more likely to hire and retain this generation.

Offer Flexibility

A 9-to-5 position isn't going to cut it if your goal is to hire and retain millennial employees. Offer flexible work schedules that help these prospective candidates work when they are most productive. Consider work-from-home or telecommuting positions to recruit qualified candidates. Understand that millennials want a work-life balance that allows them to succeed professionally and personally.

Investigate Your Company's Culture

Relationships are important to this generation, so employers must sell their company cultures to entice millennial employees. Focus on the collaboration among coworkers when discussing primary features of the position to recruit qualified candidates. Ramp up your efforts to conduct consistent evaluations while providing feedback to teams and individual employees to retain millennials. Create a casual work environment that values the importance of personal and professional development. Individuals of this generation hope to work for companies willing to foster growth on the job and off the job.

Sell Your Location

Geographic location is important to this work force, which is why selling the attractiveness of your firm's location is a solid strategy for recruitment. Entice this generation by pointing out the amenities nearby, the trendy lifestyle available and the urban feel of the living spaces close to your headquarters. Retain qualified candidates by scheduling company outings to explore the city and join in community efforts.

Millennial employees are no longer perceived as lazy or self-seeking. These candidates make significant impacts on the brands of the companies they work for, and they seek opportunities to represent their employers in the community. Take advantage of these unique qualities by offering the younger workforce a value-driven experience.

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