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This is the time of the year when graduations are happening, and the job market gets a shot of new candidates looking to start a new career. Finding a place to get started in that career is usually a daunting task for graduates. A recent report of the Today Show listed the top five degrees to acquire were in the fields of Nursing, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, and Teaching. Here are some of the hot fields that others suggest to pursue in 2012:


If you have the advanced degrees and interest in the field of petroleum geologist, the salary for newer employees is usually above $70,000 annually. With the fuel industry the way it is these days, this line of work is noted as one of the more solid career choices around.


For those with an interest in the medical field, consider the ultrasound technologist positions. This I have personal experience with, because my wife is currently in this profession. This field actually does not normally require a four year degree, but can be attained by a specialty school in ultrasound. These schools usually last about eighteen months, and once you graduate, if you acquire your registry in the field, you can enter a position in most areas at the $25-an-hour or higher rate, depending on the area you are in. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a 44% increase in openings in this field over the next eight years.


Engineers in both the biomedical and chemical fields are solid starting points for new qualified graduates. Biomedical engineers have a starting salary of about $45,000 and chemical engineers closer to the $64,000 range; and both fields have a continued projected growth, making for a great starting point with great opportunities for advancement.


Maybe if you are one of those people who love the overwhelming amount of police/murder/medical shows on TV, you might want to consider the field of a pathology assistant. It requires specialized training and certification, but with a starting salary at close to $70,000, it is an excellent and stable career path.


Coming in at the lowest starting pay for hot new jobs, but still nothing to complain over, is the field of the meeting/event assistant. With a salary coming in about just over $40,000, the job also usually has additional benefits like travel, and the ability to meet and network with many new people, which could lead to even further growth and advancement. Plus this field has an expected increase in job openings of over 40% over the next eight years.


Hopefully these may help get you started in a direction to pursue, and for those just looking to go back to school or change careers, these might be a help in giving you a new direction.


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