How to Attract Gen Z Talent

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Gen Z is different from other generations but that’s what they all say right? 

Being the first generation to have completely grown up with the internet, Gen Z is savvy with technology, creative and unwilling to compromise their time and effort for a job that doesn’t align with their values.

To attract their talent in the workplace, you need to think about what appeals to them the most

You must think digital.

When it comes to recruiting them and maintaining them as employees in the workplace, consider taking a digital approach when it comes to social interaction and communication.

It’s no surprise Gen Z spends more time on social media than millennials and boomers; they grew up with the apps. When it comes to promoting and sharing career opportunities, try to meet them on their level and interact with them through online platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You might even want to enable a feature that allows them to directly apply to the job through dm’s or even text messages. 

Interacting through social media helps them feel more comfortable and takes off the pressure they feel when interviewing in person.

To attract real Gen Z talent, you might want to double back on your company’s expectations and requirements. While it is great to have people with experience in your company, keep in mind that Gen Z is entry level, meaning they’re just starting work and they have no previous experience. It’s hard for them to find a job without experience, and it’s nearly impossible to attract Gen Z talent if you’re asking for people who already have loads of experience. 

Easing up on the experience needed can open the doors to a lot of new talent and fresh perspectives in the workplace. 

The uncertain times that Gen Z experienced when they were home due to COVID-19 is also something to keep in mind. Many of these young people have gained a sense of stability living their lives indoors and attending school from the comfort of their homes. Most Gen Z kids want stability and flexibility with their jobs, along with a sense of work-life balance. The takeaway here is to offer more remote positions, if your business allows for it. Creating a hybrid work schedule that gives people the opportunity of coming into work or working remotely is something these young candidates are seeking. 

Being the most multicultural and racially diverse generation in America, Gen Z typically leans far left on social values. What your company values and stands for is a major selling point for them. Make sure to highlight the values your company has in the job description and be sure to keep an open mind while promoting diversity and inclusion. 

Gen Z might have different perspectives and values than other generations but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to attract them. 


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