How to Become a Human Resources Assistant

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Does the idea of a career in human resources appeal to you? Becoming a human resources assistant could be the first step on the ladder for this career. In order to become a human resources assistant, you need to have the right skills, experience and qualifications.

There are no strict requirements or qualifications for becoming a human resources assistant. However, many employers prefer candidates who have degrees in relevant fields, such as human resources management or labor relations. Some employers also consider candidates who are working toward a relevant degree.

If you don't have a degree in human resources or a related field, don't panic. Experience is just as valuable as qualifications. Even if you do not have direct experience of working in a human resources department, experience of working in other administrative roles could help you to land a job. A large part of the role of a human resources assistant is carrying out administrative tasks, so experience as an administrative or clerical assistant can benefit you during your job search.

There are certain skills that a human resources assistant should have in order to perform well in this role. The first and arguably most important attribute that a human resources assistant needs is strong communication skills. The role involves communicating extensively with colleagues and potential job candidates, as human resources assistants are often the first point of contact for those seeking employment. If you want to be a human resources assistant, you must be able to communicate effectively with professionals at all levels. Written and phone communication skills are also essential, as drafting memos to keep all departments informed and speaking on the phone regularly are often part of the job.

Job candidates should also have confidence when using information technology. Most large organizations use some type of human resources information system to manage this aspect of the business. The most common software systems used in human resources departments are TALEO, Lawson and PeopleSoft. If you have experience using one of these systems, detail the extent of your experience on your cover letter, as this experience can make you a more favorable candidate. Even if you haven't used these particular systems, good general computing skills are a useful asset when applying for this kind of role. If you are not confident using computers, then consider taking a basic IT skills course to improve your skills.

Once you have developed the skills you need to work as a human resources assistant, it is time to start applying for jobs. When preparing your job application, remember to tailor your resume so it shows off your relevant skills and experience, and use your cover letter to provide more details about your provessional experiences and explain why you are a good fit for the role.


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