How to Recruit When Everyone Wants to Work from Home but You Need Someone in the Office

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After the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became immensely popular. In fact, it can be difficult for employers to bring employees back into the office post-pandemic. I mean really, who can compete with working from the comfort of home? Here are a few tips to do just that and fill those in-office positions:

1. Promote Office Benefits:
One of the most attractive features of working remotely is comfort. In order to bring your workers into the office, the benefits must outweigh that cozy, at-home feeling. Offering unique in-office benefits can go a long way towards accomplishing this. This can range from a modern, airy workplace to having quality snacks and beverages for your employees. Make the office their home away from home! If your company or organization is still repping the much-dreaded, bleak cubicles, employees are not going to be eager to spend five days a week in the office.

2. Flexible Hours:
Another way to promote in-person work is to offer flexible hours. The traditional 9-5 isn’t as standard as it used to be. Allowing employees to work 10 -6, for example, results in the same number of work hours, but offers some leeway that employees may find attractive. Allowing workers to avoid rush hour is a key factor in offering flexible hours. Now, I’m not saying you should let employees work from 8PM to 4AM, but a little flexibility can make a world of difference.

3. Hybrid Workweek:
Flexibility can extend beyond just hours (pun intended). Offering workers a hybrid workweek can be a great compromise as an employer, and we all know compromise is often the best way forward. This could be 3 days in the office and 2 at home, or vice versa. Granting employees this option provides them with some freedom, while still bringing people into the office. This could also help with sick days, as workers already accustomed to remote work can still contribute when they’re not physically there.

4. Look at Local Talent:
Commuting can be hard. It’s time consuming, expensive, and can take away from those extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning that we all desperately need. This makes commuting quite the deterrent for in-person roles. To help with this, consider local talent when looking to fill positions. By employing workers who live near the office, you are more likely to find people willing to go the extra mile (or, who don’t need to physically travel the extra mile) to fill office space.

5. Offer Commuter Support:
If local talent just isn’t working, and you’re looking to recruit from further away, offering commuter benefits may be needed. In order to overcome the general disdain of a commute, your company or organization can offer perks to those willing to make the trek. These benefits can include free parking, toll reimbursement, or a paid metro card. By taking some of the strain off commuters, employees will be more willing to fill those in-person roles. 

Again, it’s hard to compete with the comforts of home for many reasons. These five tips can help you make in-person work more appealing, and fill in-office roles.


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