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We all have that dream company. The one with the product or service we use, recommend, love and wish we could get paid for promoting, wearing, using their product. Then we laugh, brush it off and move on to work for Faceless Corporation where we learn to love what we're doing and the products and services we're offering to the public.

Why? Why do we laugh off that dream company and move on? Why don't we make that all important push towards working for them? Most of the time it just doesn't cross our minds. We are used to finding employment based on available positions for our qualifications, very seldom do we look for a company we want to work for and mold our qualifications to fit what they need. To some it seems like a ludicrous idea. Tailor our qualifications to a company we don't even work for yet, but lets look at this realistically. These qualifications are going to cross over to other companies and working towards a goal will keep you on track.

The wonderful thing about technology these days is that with sites such as Facebook and Twitter you can often interact with these companies and build a relationship before even applying to work for them. You have an unheard of opportunity in previous years to learn and dig into the inner workings of a company before working for them. You may find that by interacting with the company you actually change your mind about wanting to work for them, there by saving you what could be years of misery working for a company you don't like. You also may find that this company's product isn't what you thought it was or that they have more products you love even more then the original that you already love.

If you find that this is a company that you can see yourself working for then you have a chance to learn what you need to do to become involved in that company from an employer stand point. You can learn about how the company operates, why they do what they do, who are the people within the company that make things happen. You also have the ability to stay on top of when they are hiring. Every company would love to have a qualified person walk in the door who already has a basic background knowledge on their products.

Reality – There is NO downside to researching and getting to know a company you love as a consumer from the employment side. None. You're either going to love it more or save yourself a lot of time and possible heartache.

By Jodi Sonoda

Jodi has been blogging for over 3 years, and is excited to currently be blogging with for Nexxt. She is attached to the internet at the hip and enjoys the constant connection. She spends most of her offline time playing dolls and reading picture books with her two year old.


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