Recruiters Are No Longer Limited by Proximity

Tara Klein
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When it comes to running a business, large or small, the people are one of your most important assets. Hiring and retaining talent should be a critical part of a company's strategy, and in recent years, the way organizations recruit, and hire has changed. One of the biggest changes is that recruiters’ talent pools are no longer limited by location. There have been two significant shifts in recruitment that have contributed to this change.

  1. Professional Networking Sites and Job Boards.
    These resources have been extremely beneficial in helping candidates find jobs. They make thousands of job listings available in one place and more importantly these sites also have an impact on recruitment—making it easier for organizations to review candidates from anywhere. Recruiters can easily be connected with applicants and talent from all over the world—no longer limited to talent in their backyard.
  2. Remote work
    According to one study, in 2019, 16% of global companies operate entirely remote, and 40% of companies offer some portion of remote work opportunities. These numbers continue to increase year after year and as they do, they have a huge impact on how organizations function. Businesses don’t need as many permanent office spaces, employees can work from anywhere with a good internet connection, phone, and some self-motivation, and work can happen any time of day (which can be a good or bad thing).  As for HR departments—remote work is also a nice bridge for your recruitment and retention strategies. Remote options can be touted when recruiting talent as well as keeping it. And we also know that the younger workforce places more importance on work life balance, so remote work will be an attractive benefit to hire young talent and keep them engaged.

Recruiters are no longer tied to looking for the best employees in their city, they can now expand their horizons and source the best employees in the world. ?


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