Standout Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview

Jeremy Razo
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Remote interviews remain a staple of most hiring professionals’ hiring process in 2022. 82% of companies adopted remote interviews for candidates, and of these 82%, 93% of them plan to keep remote interviews in the future. Remote interviews are here to stay, so why not make your future ones a great experience? Here are some tips on how to do so: 
1. Get familiar with the interview platform - There are several interview platforms out there. If you find yourself switching to a new platform, it may be time to view a tutorial on YouTube or via the platform’s website. This step ensures that you’ll feel comfortable should technical issues arise (and they will). It’s recommended to login early to do a quick video test so you can check if all the components involved like a microphone, camera, and signal all work for you. 

2. Develop a framework on how to share notes - Before heading into an interview, ensure that you and your team have a standard procedure on how to share interview notes. Committing to this step reduces the risk of confusing your teammates and ensures that everyone can track and process information in the most efficient way possible. This can be done by posting a shared document or by tracking notes in a customer relationship management software such as Salesforce. 

3. Remember to keep candidates in the loop - Ensure that candidates are kept in the loop regarding this new version of the interview process. You can never assume that each candidate has done an interview via a remote platform, so it may behoove you or your organization to create a document that provides candidates with the best tips to conduct a remote interview.  Beneficial tips to include might be a how-to guide on using the video conferencing technology or best practices (e.g., don’t chew gum or find a distraction-free room). Following this step will help candidates feel at ease throughout the interview process.  

4. Be obsessed with remote interview feedback - This overlooked aspect is one most interviewers neglect! Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from all parties involved in the remote interview. One small comment from a candidate or coworker may change your interview process. Allowing time for rest periods during a virtual job fair day is an example of valuable feedback. 

This feedback can help with scheduling and allows time for both parties to take a break. Some remote events schedule several interviews back-to-back, wearing out both candidates and interviewers. Sometimes both parties need a chance to take a break to avoid burnout from an all-day event. The break also allows interviewers to write notes that help identify potential candidates. 

Remote interviews are now a staple of the interview process. It can only benefit you to take advantage of this tool while looking for great talent.  


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