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For new grads looking for a job in this tough market, the choices may mean having to move to a new city. Many grads are expanding their job search to include a much wider geographic area. But, when considering moving to a new city for a job, it is important to get information on what the cost of living is in the area and also to get a feel for the area's culture.

In order for a new city to be a good fit, it not only has to offer work in your industry, but also be affordable and provide the services and lifestyle that you want. For example, a young person just starting out may find that they enjoy living in a city that offers an lively nightlife and social activities rather than living in a suburban area that caters more toward married families.

According to, these are the top 10 cities for new graduates:

Average rent:*
Average rent: $669
Average rent: $779
Average rent:
Average rent: $1275
6. Philadelphia
Average rent: $938
7.New York
Average rent: $1,366
8. Cincinnati
Average rent: $613
Average rent: $1,041
10. Los Angeles
Average rent: $1319

When looking at what city and job works best for you, it is important to be flexible and consider jobs that may not be your first choice. Even with a job that isn't perfect for you, in a city that you love, you will gain skills and work experience that you can take with you to the next job. You should also contact your college and see if they have an alumni chapter in the new city. You may even want to think about spending a few days in the city to find out if it is right place for you to call home.

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