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Fighting off the urge to procrastinate is essential to help you become a more efficient human resources professional. You can use some simple methods to stop procrastinating and raise your productivity in the office.

Create a Schedule

Too many employees start work without making a plan for the day, and this is never helpful if you want to stop procrastinating. Create a schedule that prioritizes all of the tasks that you need to get done, and stick to it. If you notice that there is a certain time of day when you are most productive, you should schedule the most intensive tasks during that time. This helps you to stop procrastinating and allows you to take advantage of your increased energy levels to increase your productivity significantly.

Restrict Online Browsing

Many human resources assistants find themselves browsing online for subjects of interest and performing extraneous Internet searches on the clock. These sap time fast. In addition, avoid checking social media sites while at work to keep your attention on work-related matters. If you think that you have a minute or two to spare, get started on your next project, stay focused and increase your daily productivity.

Cut Out Socializing

Too many times, a seemingly short conversation with colleagues turns into a 10-minute discussion. The more interesting the subject, the more likely you are to waste valuable time talking about it. If you want to stop procrastinating at work, you must restrict your conversations with coworkers, family members and friends to break times only. Posting a simple “Do not Disturb” sign on your desk can ward off chatty co-workers want to strike up a meaningless conversation with you.

Turn off Your Cellphone

In the modern age, cellphones are a major distraction that can ruin productivity for employees in every industry. If you have your cellphone nearby or in your pocket, you may be more likely to check it while at work if it rings or vibrates. Instead of switching it to vibration mode, cut it off completely. If you have a family member at home who needs to contact you in case of an emergency, give them your office number.

Master the Technologies at Work

Many human resources workers find themselves procrastinating when they become frustrated with the technologies used at work. If you use Human Resources Information Systems at work, it is important to learn how to utilize the system properly to stop procrastinating when you are confused. If you need additional help understanding HRIS, ask a manager for guidance, or attend a human resources training session to gain higher mastery of HRIS.

If you want to stop procrastinating in the office, you must commit to making the changes necessary to eliminate both minor and major distractions that spring up during the day. By developing good habits, you can overcome procrastination and become a better employee.

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article posted by Staff Editor
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