These are the Reasons Smart Companies are Going Remote

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To any employee who faces a hectic morning commute just to spend eight hours trapped in front of a monitor in an office cubicle, the idea of a work from home position sounds like a dream. Imagine waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen, flipping on your laptop and starting your workday. While this can be an ideal situation for workers, hiring remote employees also benefits employers.

Attracts Quality Candidates

When an employer posts a job position with the ability to work from home, the candidate pool increases. The organization is better able to secure quality employees by beating out other firms that don't offer this perk. The opportunity to work from home may attract recent graduates or convince top talent from other firms to join your agency. Further, the agency has the ability to broaden its candidate pool by hiring employees from outside the immediate geographic area.

Increases Productivity

Employees who are able to work from home appreciate the flexibility and freedom that comes with the privilege. Because these employees feel valued by their employer, they can be more productive, putting out more work at a higher quality than they might if stuck in an office.

Boosts Employee Satisfaction

When employees don't have to face the added stress of daily commuting, inefficient meetings and office drama, they experience less stress. These employees use less sick leave and experience better physical and mental health than their cubicle-bound counterparts.

Enhance Employee Loyalty

Since work-from-home employees experience greater job satisfaction, they're less likely to look elsewhere for a new position. Workers feel valued by their employer, increasing employee loyalty and ensuring that the organization can hang onto its skilled and knowledgeable staffers.

Saves the Company Money

As if the increase in employee productivity isn't enough, companies that allow employees to work from home also see an additional cost savings as a result. With remote workers, these organizations can cut back on real estate expenses and utility costs. As a bonus, they benefit the environment by helping decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and oil use.

Offers Work-Life Integration

While many employees cite work-life balance as a priority, remote workers go a step further, offering work-life integration. By having a work from home position, these employees are able to blend all aspects of their life, including work and family, achieving better results in each. For example, a work-from-home employee may exercise at home during breaks from work, fold laundry while participating in a conference call or respond to emails after putting his kids to bed.

Gone are the days when working from home was only a possibility for authors and freelancers. The rising trend of companies hiring remote employees creates a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer. Smart companies that allow their employees to work from home reap the rewards of these more productive and profitable workers.

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