Three Tips for Online Networking and Employee Recruiting

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Networking online and finding high-quality recruits for employers can be easy if you utilize the right websites and applications. About 40 percent of college graduates are looking for jobs, along with many other qualified professionals. If your job is to fill positions and find qualified applicants for different companies, you will want to make the most of your time recruiting online by using social media sites and other Internet platforms effectively.

Utilize Social Media

Using social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are exceptionally important when networking online. Over 100 million people are on Facebook daily, and this site allows you to quickly target people in specific career fields. It also allows you to check into the personal interests and habits of potential candidates. If your company has a Facebook page, you can reach out to thousands of people at one time.

As soon as you get an application from an individual, follow that person on the social media outlets listed on their application or resume. You can also use social media sites to advertise new positions. Just one Facebook post or Twitter "tweet" could bring you dozens of new applicants within a matter of days or hours when recruiting online.

Target Job Sites with Mobile Applications

About 77 percent of job seekers use job search applications through their mobile devices for networking online. If you are not using sites that can be accessed with a smart phone, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with many potential applicants. Through mobile applications, potential candidates can view new job postings, make inquiries and respond to inquiries from any location. You can put postings on your company's job site at any time and feel confident that people are going to get alerts and view the position.

Networking by Email

Providing a space for potential candidates to enter their email addresses is important when networking online. Individuals who respond to a specific job advertisement might not be the right fit for the current position you're advertising but might be perfect for a future position. By capturing email addresses, you'll be able to build an email list of highly qualified applicants that you can follow up with at a later date when new positions become available.

Job recruiting and networking online requires you to respond quickly to applicants, and you can do this with an email system you know how to navigate well. If you have hundreds of potential applicants on your email list, you can save them as contacts and send out a bulk email whenever your company has a job fair or another type of networking and recruitment event coming up.

Networking online is one of the easiest ways to find trained professionals that are ready to work. Use these tactics when recruiting to increase your chances of finding the best possible candidates for any position you advertise.


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