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Avoiding high turnover rates is often a top priority for many companies due to the consequences that come with them. These consequences range from lower productivity, increased recruitment/training costs, and lower employee morale among many others. Employee turnover can occur for a multitude of reasons but dishonesty in the hiring process and the workplace seems to be at the top of the list.

Surprisingly, dishonesty coming from employers during the hiring process is much more common than previously thought and it could be one of the main factors fueling the increased rates of employee turnover in recent years. A survey launched by ResumeBuilder.com gathered information from 1,060 hiring managers and found that 36% of them have lied to candidates about a job listing. It was also found that 55% of hiring managers reported they had an employee resign shortly after being hired when they discovered that the job offer was given under false pretenses.

So you may be wondering, why are hiring managers choosing to lie about the job if it risks a higher risk of employee turnover? It turns out that some hiring managers lie for reasons stemming from exaggerating benefits to attract job seekers to even hiding negative/sensitive company information. Unfortunately, this can result in dire consequences to a company's image and create trust issues between employees and employers in the long run. So, hiring managers must remain honest with candidates to avoid turnover and a damaged professional reputation.

By being honest with candidates you lower the risk of turnover and preserve your company's image which will in turn attract more candidates. If candidates have a positive experience with your company’s hiring process they are more likely to recommend others to apply. The benefits of practicing honesty at work aren’t just beneficial in the hiring process, it also creates a healthier workplace that encourages employee loyalty and honesty. When employees feel that their employers are honest, it may influence them to be honest as well. Having a work culture that values integrity will only set your business up for success.

Ways in which you can promote integrity in your workplace could be by addressing conflict honestly and respectfully, encouraging employees to report unethical behavior, and telling the truth when it comes to what is expected from employees and what employees can expect from you in the workplace. Integrity in the workplace may also translate to employees having higher integrity when handling clients which will only improve your company’s reputation among competitors. 

Sometimes being completely transparent and honest can be intimidating when in the process of hiring new candidates but honesty always pays off in the end when considering the image and reputation of your company. The best way to prevent turnover is to make sure that who you are hiring is fully on board with what your company expects and what you have to offer them through honesty. No one likes a bait and switch so choose wisely and avoid the mistakes of dishonest hiring managers if you want to preserve the health of your company.


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