Will HR be Defined by These Three Recruiting Tips?

Julie Shenkman
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As technology quickly evolves and advances, human resources practices must transform to keep up with recruiting trends. For companies, staying abreast of these technology and social trends is critical to finding and keeping top-notch employees.

1. Going Mobile

It's impossible to deny that the age of the smartphone is upon us. It seems that everyone everywhere is glued to their smartphones, including job seekers. People are increasingly more comfortable carrying out important tasks such as banking, applying for loans and filing taxes on mobile devices. It seems only natural that job seekers would use their smartphones for job searching activities as well. What does this mean for companies? In order to reach desirable candidates through all the noise, companies need to keep themselves top of mind. This could mean creating a mobile platform or app that provides notifications of company news or new job opportunities or designing a simple, user-friendly mobile job application that does away with long forms. Going mobile means meeting the job seeker where they are instead of expecting them to come to you.

2. Data-Driven Hiring

The adoption of high-tech hiring practices has transformed the human resources industry. More and more companies use automated processes to help search, select and recruit the most qualified candidates. Applicant tracking software helps human resource managers sift through hundreds of applicant resumes at the click of a button, allowing the candidates with the most relevant experience to rise to the top of the pile. This saves human resources departments time and money they would have spent on vetting, interviewing and training new employees that may or may not last with a company.

3. Building real relationships

Despite the overall trend towards high-tech hiring practices, it is still essential to remember the "human" side of human resources. If you want to appeal to talented candidates, you must be open to the idea of engaging with them on a personal level, especially during the hiring process. Automated email replies often seem disingenuous and impersonal; when possible, send a personalized email, or make a phone call. Consider inviting top-notch candidates to join your LinkedIn network; with so many parts of the hiring process becoming automated, providing an alternative way to connect with your company helps demonstrate a more employee-centric company culture, and that's highly appealing to job seekers.

Human resources is a dynamic industry that adapts to market changes and social trends. For now, going mobile, using data-driven hiring practices and instilling a human touch are the main recruiting trends that offer the most promise to companies looking for great candidates. These tips allow your company to optimize and personalize the hiring process to meet the needs and expectations of both active and passive job seekers.

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