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Company culture determines a lot about an organization, from employee morale and customer satisfaction to company goals and innovative thinking. If the company culture at your organization is sending the business in the wrong direction, find out how to change it with these nine tips.

1. Start With Research

Determine what your organization's company culture looks like now, and decide the direction in which you want it to go. Consider hiring a consultant for this phase of the process. Consider all aspects of the organization, including its core values, business processes and policies.

2. Get Managers On-Board

If your organization's leaders are resistant to the idea that the company culture can be changed, provide them with proof. Give examples of other organizations that successfully changed their company culture to better align with the organization's missions and goals.

3. Provide Leadership Training

Once your managers are on the same page, give them the tools they need to enact change. Consider bringing in someone from an outside firm to provide training on how leaders can influence company culture.

4. Rethink the Office Layout

Open up the employee workspace to allow for more interaction between co-workers. Set up conference rooms or lounge areas to allow team members to collaborate on projects. These simple chances foster more camaraderie among workers, which can positively impact the company's culture.

5. Tout the Company's Mission

Workers like to recognize what role they play in the overall mission of the company. Make sure your organization's mission is clearly defined so all employees know what their contributions mean to the company.

6. Tell the Organization's Story

Create a strong sense of connection between your company's workers and the organization. Make the agency's history known to all employees, and take pride in obstacles the company and its workers overcame on the path to success.

7. Consider Unique Perks

Give your employees a little something extra to encourage hard work and dedication to the company. Offer a few telecommuting days per month, or allow employees to work flexible hours during the summer months.

8. Appreciate Your Employees

Aside from offering benefits, find other ways to show your workers that you appreciate their service. Acknowledge exceptional work with a monthly award ceremony, or simply create a culture that encourages managers to say "thank you" to hard-working subordinates.

9. Encourage Mentoring

Stress the importance of seasoned workers coaching new employees and sharing work experiences and knowledge. Encourage managers to offer feedback to their subordinates, and make deserving employees aware of opportunities for advancement within the organization.

If you're struggling with how to change the company culture in your organization to better align with the company's goals, consider these tips. Remember that a change in company culture doesn't happen overnight, and the process requires effort from human resources and organization leaders.

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