Do You Know How to Find, Hire and Retain Winners?

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While businesses are keen to understanding the need to retain employees, at times, the problem with workforce retention and the recruitment and hiring process impedes employers from finding the best candidates or even keeping strong employees. With some tweaking to your business plan, expectations and job interview process, you can learn how to find, keep and retain the winners.

Set Goals and Expectations

As a company, you've created a business plan, goals and expectations for yearly profits, but have you put together the same goals and expectations for your employees? Workforce retention relies heavily on your employees having a goal to work toward on a daily basis. Meet with your staff members individually, and help your employees create a plan for achieving success within your organization. Provide praise, assistance and coaching so employees know whether or not they are on track.

Set goals and expectations for new hires as well. Compile a checklist prior to each job interview that helps you to ask questions that uncover specific qualifications, experience and skills. Ask candidates about their professional goals, inquire about how they plan to make an impact as an employee and look for applicants who possess leadership traits. When you hire an individual who is already motivated, your work with workforce retention becomes easier to maintain.

Focus on Key Interview Questions

While some individuals naturally interview well, it's easy to make snap judgments when candidates are nervous. It's up to you as the interviewer to dig deeper to uncover the interviewee's hidden talents. Ask key questions that help you to discover the applicant's full potential, such as "What are you looking for in a career?" and "What do you know about our company?" If a candidate is able to detail the firm's processes, mission, goals and accomplishments, take note, because you may have a good find sitting in front of you. Individuals who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn about your organization prior to getting hired are likely to work just as hard while on the job. Hard workers are more likely to stick around, alleviating the need to put in more time and effort with workforce retention.

Ask key interview questions when meeting with your current employees to identify and retain the winners on staff. During evaluations, ask what aspect of the job the employee enjoys the most, inquire about how he finds inspiration to complete job duties and provide incentives to continually motivate these members of your staff to improve workforce retention.

Once you identify a viable candidate for a position at your firm, focus on workforce retention strategies to make sure the company and your existing employees benefit from having this person as part of the team. Offer motivation, incentives and recognition often so your employees are more loyal, dedicated and inspired to do their best.

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