Fourteen Job Perks That Are Better ( or just as good as) Money

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Your entry-level management job has a title and business cards. What it doesn’t have is a big salary. Even though you have lots of responsibility and manage a number of people, the money just isn’t there. No negotiation. Turned down at every corner. Don’t’ give up. There is still plenty of room for negotiation. Here are 14 things that may be just as good as money in your pocket, since they leave a little more cash in it by not having to spend so much in the first place:

1. Time off. Paid time off, that is. Try to negotiate an extra week or two of vacation your first year. You get the time off to pursue other things or just relax while getting paid your regular salary.
2. Flexible schedule – Instead of a nine-to-five routine, try negotiating a schedule around babysitters or your kids’ after school sports activities. You can save the cost of babysitters and avoid using leave time whenever you have to leave early for an activity.
3. Part paid medical premiums – The more they pay, the less you have to. Ask the employer to pay for some or all of your medical benefit premiums. More take home pay for you.
4. 401K Match. While these plans are pretty heavily regulated, you may be able to negotiate an earlier start date then the standard one year wait period. You start building an account faster with the company’s match, and both are working for you.
5. Health club membership. If you enjoy working out, convince your boss that you’ll be more productive, alert and energetic by working out on a daily basis.
6. Portable electronic devices – think not having to pay for a laptop, internet access, or IPad. You’ll stay connected, which is a benefit to them.
7. Paid cell phone – It’s the way we communicate, and is no longer just for executives. Some companies supply smart phones with unlimited plans to keep connected with phone and texting, so you may be able to use them for personal use.
8. Airline miles. This is the upside of waiting in airports and dealing with cancelled flights-- accumulating free airline miles for future trips. This can save you and your family thousands of dollars for your next vacation.
9. Corporate credit card – Not for personal use, but again, the guest award program points can add up fast. Add this perk to free airline miles and you’ve got a super trip with little expense.
10. Company goods/services discounts – Retail stores offer employees great discounts, even on sale items. Hotels have special employee rates. You can often buy quality goods at cut rates on just about anything. GM has an employee car purchase plan that extends to family members as well.
11. Vacation or entertainment coupons or discounts – Companies can broker discounts to Disney World, Six Flags or other amusement parks and events, which can save you money on fun.
12. Professional meetings/conferences – Exposure at a national convention or business meeting can be a boost to your career by networking with the movers and shakers in your industry.
13. Tuition reimbursement – Get your next degree on the company. Depending on the policy, all or part of your tuition and fees may be covered if your degree is in the company’s industry or a related field.
14. Company car – With GPS systems, companies can track your usage, but a company car can save thousands on car payments, gas and maintenance you would pay for a personal vehicle. You’ll use your car only for personal use.

What would be your dream job perk? Share your picks in the Comments Section below.

Mary Nestor-Harper, SPHR, is a consultant, blogger, motivational speaker and freelance writer for Based in Savannah, GA, her work has appeared in Training magazine, Training & Development magazine, Supervision, BiS Magazine and The Savannah Morning News. When she’s not writing, she enjoys singing with the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus and helping clients reinvent their careers for today’s job market. You can read more of her blogs at and view additional job postings on Nexxt.

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