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I read an interesting article today on how hiring trends will change in the future and I think it's for the better.

We all know about the advent of the web and social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter that have been changing the face of how people look for, and land, jobs. Job seekers are starting to embrace networking and reaching out to people a lot more in locating positions. In addition, these sites can also give great feedback on trends in your industry.

This article discusses "Web 3.0".


What is it?


Well, according to this blog, it has to do with "being who we really are online." So instead of employers looking solely at our resumes they will take our personalities into consideration.

It works by giving job seekers the tools to showcase themselves as a real person, and not just a bunch of skills and acheivements on a piece of paper. To me, this sounds incredibly interesting and quite promising.

There are lots of experiences we have in our lives that just don't fit onto a resume, in a LinkedIn profile, or a Twitter feed. These experiences and life lessons, if you will, could actually make someone a great employee. But there's no way to get that information to the employer in a relevant way.


The blog stated:
"Doesn’t it matter that you’ve climbed Mt. Fuji? That you wholeheartedly stand for what the company believes in? That your sense of humor will fit the company culture? You have a lot more going for you than your resume or LinkedIn profile would lead someone to believe. Certainly these personal values and accomplishments are as important to your performance on the job. Workplace culture matters -- a lot"


If this "Web 3.0" worked it could really change the hiring process. The blog doesn't actually give any details on how this would be accomplished. However, social media sites are moving us closer and closer to this reality.

Definitely check out the article.


What are some things you wish you could have told a potential employer that was not on your resume?

By: Samantha Taylor

Samantha is a Boston, Massachusetts native. Her studies have taken her from Ohio to England, and then Spain. She has lived abroad for more than 4 years. Currently, Samantha lives in North Carolina with her husband. She is a writer for Nexxt and contributes to one of its many blogs: retailgigsblog.com. In her spare time she loves to run and is training for a marathon. Check out her blog at: rcpforhealth.blogspot.com.



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