How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

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Far too often it is too easy to get a college degree, but have no purpose for living. Learning how to identify and live your purpose is something colleges and universities need to teach, but most have no such program. The classes you take might fulfill your college degree, but it does not give you any real way to discover your purpose for living. It is like receiving the keys to a car but no road map to use that will guide you on your journey. It helps to have a purpose to find a career.

Richard Leider, the author of “The Power of Purpose” a wonderful book about making your life more meaningful and fulfilling, once said, “There is power in seeing yourself make a difference through your work.” He says, “Having purpose in our lives means that something (an aim, a goal, an interest, a person, an idea) attracts us enough to move us to action on its’ behalf, and is important enough, so that focusing on it orders our activities and provides our lives with a sense of meaning. Purpose helps me in understanding what is relevant to my life, what it is I live for, who I am and what I am about in actual day-to-day living. My world makes sense to me.” When you are able to find your purpose you will be happier with the career you select.

One way to put you on the path of discovering your purpose for living is to look around you and ask yourself, “What is it that inspires me to take action? What moves me to want to make a difference in the lives of others? Richard Leider suggests asking yourself the question, “What arouses my sense of what is right and wrong?”

Each one of these questions can help you identify your true inner values by which you live your life. As you identify your inner values for living your life, you will discover things that need to be done in this world; things that need a person like you to take a stand and to take action.

As you begin to take notice of the things that resonate with your values, you will discover an awareness that you might not have had before. This awareness can be the beginning of an inward journey that will allow you to become more familiar with who you are, and your real purpose for being here on planet earth.

Each morning you awaken, could be the beginning of another day of adventure and self discovery about how to live your life’s purpose. The important thing to do is to make a conscious effort to identify what it is that makes you want to get out of bed and make a difference. When you have done that, you will be on your way to making your life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Tom Borg is president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC. He is a business consultant, speaker, coach and author.

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