How to Get a Job as a Human Resource Manager

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As businesses shift and adjust to changes including a fluctuating economy and globalization, human resources managers have had to adjust to the way people are hired and trained. Along with adapting to changes in health care and massive layoffs, human resources managers must become familiar with new trends and develop new HR skills to recruit and maintain the workforce needed to meet company goals.

According to "Forbes," one of the most important skills human resources managers should possess is the ability to understand what it takes to attract the best talent. One of the most common reasons businesses strategies fail is that managers assume they can attract the talented needed to implement their strategies. Without the necessary talent, a strategy is no longer feasible. Human resources managers must have the HR skills to attract top talent and help the company maintain a competitive advantage. For the effort, human resources managers in the US earn an average of $68,640, according to Nexxt's salary center.

Another skill human resources managers should acquire is the ability to retain the top talent they have already recruited. The cycle doesn't stop with recruiting talent; human resources managers should know how to create fun and enjoyable work environments and find ways to make positions more rewarding. According to, a top online gathering place for recruiters, one of the main worries for employers in 2014 was losing top people. Reducing your turnover can help you ensure your customers are satisfied, maintain steady sales, and avoid the costly undertaking of training new talent.

Social media currently plays a huge role in how recruiters locate and hire new talent. Human resources managers must learn how to harness the power of social media. Social media can assist HR professionals integrate online learning and instructional materials, communicate strategies and policies, and disseminate external benefits information. A company that has an online presence often wants a human resources manager who can direct Web traffic to corporate career sites through social media, build and maintain a resource pool of prospective employees through sites such as LinkedIn, and place employment ads in online marketplaces.

One of the keys to a great workplace is an excellent HR department. As times change, human resources managers must change as well, developing new skills to stay on top of the entire people management system. Hiring and maintaining top talent should be the priority, but the specific skills required can change with time. Human resources managers have to be ready to research what employees want and need to be happy and find ways to provide those things. If you're looking for a human resources manager position, start by searching on Nexxt, and then add your city and state, or zip code, to find positions available near you.


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