How to Hire for Your Small Business When You Can’t Meet the Candidate in Person

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Due to COVID-19, small businesses have increased. Since some people were laid off or were finally monetizing their hobbies, 31% of already established small businesses were facing competition this past July. So, let’s say your business is taking off, and you’re looking for a new set of hands. How can you decide if someone is the right fit when social distancing regulations are still in place? Here are four tips to help you navigate your hiring process.

1. Hire slow, fire fast

The mentality for most employers is thinking you need to fill your position as soon as possible because your hands are too full. This could be detrimental to your business and yourself. You wouldn’t hire just anyone to babysit your kid, so don’t hire just anyone for your small business. The Harvard Business Review mentions the speed bias, and the anxiety that comes with being overwhelmed with work. In the long run, if you hire someone you know will be a good fit, they can become a crucial part of your business.

2. Give your business character

Now you have to figure out how to attract that perfect applicant. One of the best strategies is to personalize your job description to your best ability. Embody the personality your company has to show what type of characteristics you’re looking for. If your company is more laid back, make the description fun and light hearted. If you want to attract more analytical applicants, fill your job description with facts and stats.

3. Specific job description

This one is easy, but overlooked. You want to make sure that you are listing every responsibility this job entails. If you leave out something or play down a certain task, it can cause confusion or lead to an unhappy employee. Most job descriptions have the issue of including too many “requirements” that involve a go-getter attitude and a hard worker. As much as those are appreciated, for small businesses especially, it’s important to be specific with the job description and avoid vagueness.

4. You do the outreach!

The lovely thing about living in 2021, is that you can personally reach out to a candidate you think would be the perfect fit through Instagram or Twitter direct messages. Let’s say you have a frequent customer who is always promoting your business and purchasing from you. Try reaching out to them to see if they would like to join your team, or if they know anyone that they think would be a suitable employee. Having these connections makes the hiring process easier, because referrals usually mean the candidate is already familiar with your business and would make a great hire.

With these tips, you should be able to craft a great hiring strategy. Remember, there is an employee for your small business that will love it as much as you do!


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