How to Prepare Your Digital Profile for Job Hunting in 2015

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As we bid adieu to 2014, another year will arrive, giving us a fresh path for our career. Some may find 2015 as a year to shift to another company or industry, while others may just be looking for the right opportunity that will fully maximize their potential. Whatever reasons you may have for joining the job hunters club, it’s important for you to understand the latest trends that most employers are following today. Based on a study featured by the Mashable, 90% of employers are using online profiles in screening candidates and 69% of them said they’ve rejected applicants based upon the content they post online. Thus, if you want to ace your dream job next year, here are some helpful tips on how you should prepare your social and digital profile.

Set up a competitive online profile

Your profiles on any social media sites are now an extension of your cover letters and resumes - publicizing skills, awards, affiliates, organizations, hobbies, and even references. So, before you even begin searching for a job, you will first need to set up your digital profile online or improve your current profile. LinkedIn is a good platform that showcases workers, employers, and career management experts. On this particular site, you can present yourself professionally by showing to recruiters what they need to know about your qualifications such as employment history, skills, certifications, honors, volunteer work, and so on. Aside from that, it allows you to post an appropriate head shot that adds credibility to your profile. It will also pay off to add links to your portfolio if you have any.

Strengthen connections

Social media allows you to strengthen your reach and connections. Take advantage of it by searching for friends, business colleagues, professionals, and perspective companies. Connect with them online and ask key people or your references to post written recommendations and endorsements on your page. In this way, recruiters will have a trust for you based on the testimonies from your networks. Also, browse through job postings to review their requirements, and get updated on business news and trends. In case you’re out and about, there are a plenty of devices you can use to keep abreast of different job postings such as tablets that connect to the internet (Wi-Fi and/or data). Use these gadgets to further expand your network by joining groups related to your industry and make sure to place some insightful and positive comments to get yourself noticed.

Keep a few things personal

Lastly, be sure to review your professional profile. It is important to evaluate and protect your digital footprints because any offensive or embarrassing posts may jeopardize a potential interview. Make sure that all the details included in your digital profile -- skills, certifications, and awards- are accurate and authentic. Moreover, try to limit your connections to those people you know personally or make sure that those that are included in your network are trustworthy.

Remember, not utilizing your digital profile properly may hamper your job search. Prepare ahead of time in creating a remarkable digital profile as this may eventually lead to the advancement of your career in 2015.


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