Intelligence And Educational Credentials Aren't the Same Thing

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To make your company the best that it can be, you need to know how to search for employees that can do the job well. One qualification that most jobs rely on too heavily is the need for credentials. 

1. On the job experience   

Experience should be the priority in the job search. Most business will do what is known as “degree inflation”, raising the credentials for the job while the job itself remains the same. Instead focus on the job experience. 

2. Make it clear in the posting 

In the job posting, make sure to highlight experience, getting the most information possible from applicants. If experience is highlighted in the posting, then it should be what you, the recruiter or hiring manager focuses on the most when reviewing applicants.  

3. A degree is not a guarantee  

Just because someone has a degree, doesn’t mean they have on the job experience. Understanding this fact will make the search for employees much easier. 

4. Credentials aren’t everything 

To increase applies, don’t make educational requirements a requirement. Candidates seeing, “preferred bachelor’s degree” in the job postings gives more candidates the confidence to apply and at the same time opens up your applicant pool. 

5. Unequal opportunity 

For a lot of people, the only reason they don’t have a degree is because they never had the opportunity to go to college. If you’re aware that your field of work can benefit from all levels of education, then don’t push for credentials on the posting  

6. Aim for what you’re looking for 

As opposed to using education as a barrier for pushing candidates through to the interview process, instead encourage candidates to share three of their greatest professional accomplishments or successes to show what they’re capable of in their cover letter. This makes for a more diverse candidate pool and a great discussion during the interview process, putting you in the right direction for making great hires.  


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