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Most job candidates often forget that an interview is a two-way street. Interview questions should be asked by both the interviewer and the interviewee. Millennial workers are especially seeking jobs that meet their needs and appear to be a good fit, both professionally and personally. Identify questions that millennials are asking to ensure you are looking out for your best interests when interviewing for a job.

What Impact Are You Making?

Millennial workers want to know how a company is impacting the community and the industry as a whole. Pose interview questions that focus on the "why" and explain that you want to be a part of a business that resolves important issues in society and in local communities. Share your passions and interests that have led to volunteer work and community involvement so the hiring manager understands what is important to you personally and professionally.

What Does Your Company Culture Look Like?

Millennials want to be part of a culture that is cohesive, positive and forward-thinking. These young workers know that a negative work environment can significantly impact productivity, profits and overall job satisfaction. Pose interview questions that prompt the hiring manager to divulge information about the work environment and company culture. Inquire about personality types, conflict management strategies and employee engagement that help to uncover the type of culture the company promotes. Your inquiries during the interview can also focus on team building activities, gatherings after hours and employee attitudes.

What Type of Flexible Options Are Available For Employees?

The days of a 9-to-5 job are disappearing. Many companies offer telecommuting, online conference calls and work from home options that provide their employees with the flexibility and convenience they need to complete their daily tasks. Pose interview questions to the interviewer that uncover how the company's administration promotes flexibility and focuses on completion of work instead of micromanaging a time clock.

What Professional Development Opportunities Are Available?

Millennials seek out opportunities that can advance their careers, increase their knowledge and better prepare them for future positions. A business that promotes professional development and offers thorough training seminars is often appealing. Inquire about tuition reimbursement options when asking interview questions to evaluate if the company is invested in your professional development and personal advancement opportunities within the business ranks.

Many millennials focus on the benefits a company can provide and weigh these perks and flexible options against a fair salary versus focusing solely on high-dollar figures. Pose interview questions that help to uncover how the company operates, manages a cohesive and friendly culture, and motivates employees with traditional and nontraditional perks and benefits on a daily basis. The key to job satisfaction for millennials often lies within job satisfaction.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @John millennials are those who were born in the early 1980's to the early 2000's. They go by other names also such as Generation Y. They are the young folks who are the future of our country.

  • John H.
    John H.

    Okay, first questions first. What exactly is a "millenial worker"?

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