Recruitment ReThink Vital to Attracting Older Workers

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Recruiting mature workers can help you enhance your company workforce. Unfortunately, many workers over 55 don't apply for certain jobs because they fear they aren't welcome or appreciated by companies. Company recruiters can combat this negative trend by using specific techniques to encourage skilled, older workers to apply for open positions.

Rethink the Value of Older Employees

It's necessary for recruiters to rethink the value of workers over 55. When skilled workers bring their experiences, skills and savvy business insight to work, they can solve problems, fulfill company goals independently and help the company achieve higher productivity and success. Older employees are confident in their trade and may be less likely to make costly mistakes than younger, inexperienced workers. Mature employees who join your team can also help to train and guide younger employees. Studies indicate that adept workers over 55 are capable of filling most company’s skill gaps, thus raising productivity.

Advertise as an Equal Opportunity Employer

Workers over 55 are likely to embrace and seriously consider working for companies that advertise themselves as equal opportunity employers. Produce job materials that include subjects of interest and concern for older workers to show your company is age-friendly. Use images of both young and older members on promotional materials to make all applicants feel welcome, and the process of recruiting older workers becomes easier.

Avoid Age Discrimination

Use ageless words in job advertisement and descriptions to ignite the interest of workers over 55. Avoid asking age-related questions during the interview as this can be perceived as age discrimination. Make sure your hiring managers understand what age discrimination is and maintain an open, fair mindset when considering older candidates for hire. The hiring staff can attend training classes to learn how to identify and avoid age discrimination during the hiring process.

Offer Flexibility

Recruiting older workers is easier when a company offers a schedule that can accommodate their needs. Offering more flexible hours can help a company attract workers over 55. Some of the best workers over 55 may need to take off for a doctor’s important or other family matters from time to time, so a company seeking older worker must show flexibility and consideration of employee obligations.

Provide Training Programs and Volunteer Positions

Companies that provide training programs for older workers are more likely to attract workers over 55. A company can use training programs to educate older workers and place fine performers into permanent positions. You can also attract older workers by offering volunteer positions for those seeking employment and inviting older workers on board.

Mature workers can provide many advantages to an organization in terms of skills and experience, so don't hesitate to expand your recruitment efforts to workers over 55. Human resources professionals can help a company use best practices to recruit older workers. Companies can seek older workers through a variety of local venues for immediate workforce expansion.


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