These Two Things Should Be on Your HR Resume

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Whether you're a new college graduate or an experienced human resources professional, a resume is a crucial tool. By following tried and true resume writing tips, you can turn your resume into a comprehensive representation of you as a professional. In doing so, you will increase the chances that your application will get you through to the interview stage.

According to a recent news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force is only expected to grow by 0.5 percent per year until 2022. For people who are looking for human resources jobs, this means that competition for open positions is unlikely to decrease. By researching popular resume writing tips, you can ensure that you include all the most important information, helping your application stand out from others.

For people in the human resources industry, one of the most important resume writing tips to follow is to demonstrate your value to potential employers. Instead of adding a simple section that describes your responsibilities in past positions, take it a step further and add accomplishments. The specific accomplishments you choose will depend on both your past positions and the needs of the company you are applying to. If you want to work for a small company with a limited budget, for example, you might highlight the cost-cutting hiring procedures you implemented for past employers. During the resume preparation process, do your best to include specific numbers, which will stand out from the rest of the text.

Outdated resume writing tips suggest that you add an objective statement to the top of your resume. Currently, however, the most popular resume writing tips suggest that you replace the objective with a professional profile during the resume preparation phase. The profile should comprise a list with three to five items that summarize your education, accomplishments, and skills. It gives potential employers the chance to get an idea of what you can offer without looking through the entire resume.

One of the major advantages of a professional profile is visibility. Because it sits at the top of the page, the profile is the first thing an employer will read. It also offers you the chance to summarize information like total years of experience or unique skill sets. Other potential list items include advanced degrees, areas of expertise, significant professional accomplishments, or work experience that makes you especially valuable to the company in question.

Whether you are an experienced HR professional or switching to the profession from another field, it is important to follow resume writing tips that will help you create a solid, persuasive document. In doing so, you can gain an edge on other job candidates.


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