Three Tips for Finding Better Support Jobs Online

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Administrative assistants and clerical workers have a bevy of options when it comes to finding jobs online. Job leads may come from a variety of different sources and tools, from the traditional work aggregation site to a company's homepage, and understanding how to make the most of these tools can help ensure that you are finding jobs online that fit your specific needs and desires. While you may approach the job search in many ways, using a wide range of different methods may well give you the diversity of responses you need to find the perfect match for your skills and expectations.

Traditional job search sites have one great benefit for those looking for support jobs—they allow you to set up email alerts or subscriptions to specific news feeds that only show the type of jobs you desire. Finding jobs online using this method is more likely to give you a highly targeted set of options, allowing you to peruse opportunities in your local market or on a national level and stay abreast of openings as frequently as you desire. The members and account sections of many major online job search providers are likely to have tools for setting up such subscriptions and email alerts for administrative work within your desired travel range.

The drawbacks of online screening tools may discourage many from applying directly through such sites. Luckily, modern job aggregators also offer a variety of apps and other mobile means of narrowing down the field and ensuring that your resume lands on the desks of hiring professionals looking for people to fill a number of skilled support jobs. Finding jobs online also involves using these tools, many of which are available for free through Google Play or the Apple Store, to pick and choose available companies looking for skilled workers. Many of these apps can organize your application process and help with scheduling interviews.

A third tip for finding jobs online comes not from the modern world of IT and media, but from the time-tested method of asking friends and family. Modern social media applications available for computers and smartphones make it easy to show friends that you are looking for work as an administrative assistant or support worker, which can open the doors to unexpected opportunities. You can even begin to create targeted lists of potential employers and visit the jobs pages on each of their sites based on which of your social media contacts have spoken fondly of their companies. Social media provides a whole new way to get your foot in the door, and your friends and online contacts can help pave the way.

The methods available for job seekers to find the perfect fit are constantly changing as new technology and ways of interacting with others online continue to emerge. Finding jobs online can be as simple as asking a friend for a link to his company's homepage and a reference or as complex and precise as you desire with modern apps. Just remember to keep your skills and desires at the fore of your thoughts and ensure that you communicate those, along with what you can do for a potential employer, at every stage of the process of finding jobs online.


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