Tips on Finding a Job in the Utilities Industry

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Whether you’re still in school or a recent grad, there are things you can do and resources you can use to help you find a job in the utilities industry.

Besides sending out resumes in response to job postings, you might consider asking for an informational interview with several utilities companies you’ve targeted. See if you can sit down with a manager or supervisor and ask them how they got started and what qualifications are necessary for the job. You’ll not only get valuable career information, but these individuals may be able to connect you with other managers or supervisors who may be hiring. They will also have a face and a resume to recall when they mention your name as a possible candidate, should a position open up.

You should also join utilities industry professional associations. These often offer employment information, career planning, educational programs, job listings, and job placement.

Consider, too, the value of labor unions in your job search. These can provide a number of employment services to members and potential members, including apprenticeship programs that will teach you the skills and regulations governing the utilities industry. Check into the Utility Workers Union of America Scholarship Program There’s also the UWUA Power for America Training Trust Fund Online Resource Center.

If you’re a veteran, you’ll have a leg up when it comes to job searching. By law, veterans are entitled to priority job placement at State employment service centers. Contact a veterans’ employment representative to see how they can help you. Check out the Hire Veterans site for more information.

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If you have any thoughts or suggestions on finding a job in the utilities industry, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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