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One of the best ways to keep yourself visible in the talent pool is by joining a talent community. Whether you're looking for a new job now or in the near future; being a part of a company’s talent community can keep you in the know concerning new job openings and allows hiring managers to contact you if they think you’d be a good fit for a position. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with what a talent community is, it’s a group of active working professionals that a company can tap into when they need to hire new talent. Usually, these networks are digital, and means of communication are managed through email newsletters, social media, and candidate databases. If a candidate fits the desired criteria of a position but is unable to be hired due to various circumstances, they can remain within the talent community created by the company. If you’ve never joined a talent community before, here are a few reasons why you should consider it!

#1- You have a higher chance of being hired in the near future
When you join a talent community you oftentimes will be kept up to date when new job openings and hiring events are posted or happening within the company you're interested in working for. Since you’ll constantly be in the know, you put yourself ahead in the application process by being one of the very first candidates to apply. 

#2- You will be a competitive hire to hiring managers
Since you are a part of the company's talent community, hiring managers will see that you already possess the desired traits and skills the company is looking for. This could potentially streamline the hiring process and put you ahead of other competing candidates since the hiring manager will have a higher amount of confidence in your ability to fill the position from the get-go and your desire to work for their organization.

#3- You can gain valuable career development knowledge
Talent communities provide an environment where professionals sometimes offer free advice when it comes to career development and skills. Having connections with experienced professionals that work within your desired career path is undoubtedly a perk especially if you are an entry-level job seeker looking for some guidance. 

#4- There are opportunities to connect with the employer
If you are a part of a talent community that is situated on a social media platform there are plenty of opportunities for you to participate in discussions. Some of these discussions can be directly with the employer and through these discussions, you have a chance for the both of you to get to know each other. By engaging with your employer socially, you are putting yourself on their radar. These discussions are usually purely professional and can serve as a great way to highlight your skills when a relevant topic arises.

#5- It’s a great place to network
We’ve all heard at least once how important networking is and how useful it can be in keeping professional opportunities trickling in. Being a part of a talent community can introduce you to other working professionals who could present you with future opportunities you may be interested in. 

With all of the benefits that come with joining a talent community, why wouldn’t you want to hop in? So, the next time a hiring manager says they can’t hire you at the moment despite being a perfect fit, be sure to ask if there is a talent community you can join.


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